Buy Pakronics Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Starter Kit With GrovePi+ (CE Certifi PAKR-A0069 in Australia

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Pakronics Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Starter Kit With GrovePi+ (CE Certified) plugable sensors kit

Pakronics Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Starter Kit With GrovePi+ (CE Certified) plugable sensors kit

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This is the new version of GrovePi+ that is CE certified (Jan - 2016)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B plus GrovePi+ starter kit is ideal for an educational and prototyping purpose. This kit includes all the necessary accessories and 12 Grove sensor with GrovePi+ shield for Raspberry Pi 3.

Here is our starter kit for Raspberry Pi 3 (Model B)

  1. Raspberry Pi 3
  2. Australian PSU - 2.5A, 5V micro USB 
  3. 16 GB SD card with pre-installed NOOBS Operating System (OS)
  4. HDMI cable 
  5. Raspberry Pi 2/3 Case  - Random selected case (Mostly Official raspberry pi case if in stock) ! 

Plus, GrovePi+ starter kit (Grove system consisting of a pluggable sensor NO SOLDERING)

  1. Grove pi+ × 1
  2. Grove - sound Sensor × 1
  3. Grove - Temperature&Humidity × 1
  4. Grove - light sensor × 1
  5. Grove -Relay × 1
  6. Grove - Button × 1
  7. Grove - UItrasonic Ranger × 1
  8. Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor × 1
  9. Grove-LCD RGB Backlight × 1
  10. Grove - red led × 1
  11. Grove Buzzer × 1
  12. Grove blue led × 1
  13. Grovepi+Guidebook × 1
  14. Cables × 10
  15. Grove green led × 1

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Useful links:

  1. Getting starter with Raspberry Pi lessons here .
  2. NOOBs OS setup here.
  3. Documentations here.
  4. FAQs regarding power, operating system, GPIOs (Inputs/Outputs) and many more can be found here.
  5. GrovePi+ Start kit Recipe
  6. GrovePi+ Github
  7. GrovePi Wiki
  8. GrovePi Forum
  9. More Grove Sensors Compatibled with Raspberry Pi
  10. GrovePi+ Starter Kit 


  1. List of projects from a getting started guide to a web server designed by Raspberry Pi organization -
  2. List of projects for educators to help them take Raspberry Pi computers into a classroom environment -
  3. Other fun project for everyone can be found here -

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