Edison Robot V3

Are you considering investing in the latest version of the Edison Robot, but unsure about the improvements over previous models?  

Look no further! In this detailed analysis, we'll dive into the differences between the Edison Robot V3 and its predecessors, providing you with valuable insights to help you make an informed decision. 

Introduction to Edison Robot V3 

The Edison Robot has been a popular choice among educators, students, and hobbyists for its versatility, affordability, and ease of use. With the release of the V3 model, Edison Robotics aims to enhance the user experience and expand the capabilities of this beloved robot. 

Before the advent of Edison Robot V3, educators and students encountered several challenges with its predecessor, the Edison V2 model. 

Edison Robot V3 was redesigned with   slew of enhancements designed to address these pain points.  

Let's dissect each improvement to gain a comprehensive understanding of the strides made from V2 to V3. 


What's New in Edison Robot V3? 

Rechargeable Battery: 

One of the most glaring drawbacks of the Edison Robot V2 was undoubtedly its battery setup. Powered by 4x AAA batteries, the V2 posed a constant dilemma: either repeatedly buying new AAA alkaline batteries or investing in rechargeable ones to sustain its operation. 

But now, you can experience uninterrupted learning with the Edison V3!  

With a remarkable 60+ minutes of continuous driving time, students can delve into extended educational activities without fretting about power interruptions or the inconvenience of battery changes mid-lesson.  

Due to the innovative designing of the Edison V3, the battery conundrum of its predecessor becomes a thing of the past. Edison V3 replaces the old setup with a rechargeable battery and a built-in USB cable.  

Charging fully in just 4-5 hours from flat, it delivers an impressive 60-90 minutes of runtime. Plus, every time you connect the USB cable to a computer for coding, it receives a handy top-up of charge, ensuring uninterrupted learning experiences. 

The built-in rechargeable battery not only boosts convenience but also champions eco-friendliness, supporting a sustainable classroom environment.  

What's more, the replaceable internal battery ensures that the Edison V3 remains functional even after its battery's lifespan, minimizing electronic waste. 


USB Connectivity 

Edison USB

The Edison V3 introduces a game-changing feature: a built-in USB cable for charging and seamless code transfer.  

The V3 connects directly to your computer via USB, ensuring a stable connection and simplifying programming for users of all levels. The attached USB cable is always at hand, neatly tucked away for instant access. 

This innovative programming method eliminates the reliability issues of the past. Bid farewell to the woes of EdComm cables from the Edison V2 era—no more worries about cables breaking or sound output limitations hindering code transfer. 

With the Edison V3, programming is now smoother and more dependable than ever before. 

Connect your Edison V3 to a computer, fire up one of the three coding platforms (EdScratch, EdBlocks, EdPy), craft your code, and with a simple upload, watch your creation come to life on the robot in seconds! 


IPad Coding: 

In a nod to versatility, the V3 extends its programming capabilities to Apple's iOS devices, including iPads. Through innovative screen flashing technology, users can now code the robot directly from their iPads, further expanding the accessibility and flexibility of the Edison ecosystem. 


Ed Charger: 


Introducing the EdCharger, the ultimate solution for classroom charging needs! With the EdCharger, you can conveniently charge up to 5 Edison V3 robots simultaneously, streamlining the charging process for busy classrooms.  

Say goodbye to the tedious task of removing rechargeable batteries from each individual Edison V2 and placing them in a battery charger after every lesson—now, you can effortlessly power up multiple robots at once, saving time and effort for educators and students alike. 


Upgraded Electronics: 

Under the hood, the V3 boasts upgraded electronics, including a larger microchip for enhanced processing power. This translates to responsive and intuitive performance, ensuring a smooth learning journey for educators and students alike. With faster processing capabilities, the V3 opens doors to more complex programming tasks and advanced robotics concepts. 


Arrival of EdRemote: 


In addition to the Edison V3 and EdCharger releases, Microbric unveils an exciting addition to its lineup: the EdRemote. Tailored specifically for the Edison V3, this IR remote empowers users with precise control over their robots. With the EdRemote, users can effortlessly command their Edison V3 to move forwards, backwards, and turn side to side with ease. 

Equipped with 32 channels, the EdRemote ensures seamless operation even in crowded classroom settings. With each channel assigned to a different frequency, up to 32 students can control their own Edison V3 using their individual EdRemote, guaranteeing minimal interference and maximum responsiveness for an engaging learning experience. 


Conclusion: Is Edison Robot V3 Worth It? 


In conclusion, the Edison Robot V3 marks a significant leap forward in educational robotics, addressing several key challenges encountered with its predecessor, the V2 model. With enhancements such as a rechargeable battery, expanded connectivity options including USB and  Longer Range Obstacle Detection and compatibility with iOS devices like iPads, the V3 offers unparalleled convenience and versatility for educators and students alike.  

Additionally, the introduction of the EdCharger simplifies the charging process for multiple robots simultaneously, while upgraded electronics ensure responsive performance and support for more advanced programming tasks. The debut of the EdRemote further enhances the user experience, providing precise control and seamless operation in classroom settings.  

Overall, the Edison Robot V3 represents a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the evolving needs of educational robotics, empowering users to delve into immersive learning experiences with confidence and ease. 



What does the Edison Robot V3 do? 

The Edison Robot V3 is the latest version of the popular programmable robot designed for educational purposes.  

Obstacle Detection: Seamlessly navigate your surroundings, effortlessly detecting obstacles left or right for uninterrupted exploration. 

Remote Control: Take command using a standard TV/DVD remote or the intuitive EdRemote, granting flexible movement control for personalized experiences. 

Line Following and Boundary Tracking: Unleash creativity with path tracing and boundary recognition, engaging in captivating activities that follow lines or stay within borders. 

Flashlight Tracking: Chase after light sources and embark on interactive adventures, adding a dynamic element to exploration with flashlight tracking. 

Infrared Communication: Forge connections with fellow Edison robots through infrared light, unlocking the potential for robot swarms and collaborative projects that redefine teamwork. 

Sound and Music: Create symphonies of sound with beeps and musical tunes, infusing interactions with creativity and personalization. 

Sound and Clap Response: Engage in lively exchanges as the Edison Robot V3 responds to claps and loud sounds, fostering an interactive environment filled with delight. 

Versatile Movement: Glide with precision and agility in any direction, courtesy of the advanced differential drive system, paving the way for diverse navigation techniques and endless exploration possibilities. 


How do I connect my Edison Robot to my computer? 

Connecting your Edison Robot V3 to your computer is easy and requires only a few simple steps. With the enhanced connectivity options of the V3 model, users can seamlessly pair their robot with their computer  via USB. Once connected, users can utilize the latest programming software provided by Edison Robotics to program and control their Edison Robot V3 with ease. 


Is Edison a programmable robot? 

Yes, the Edison robot is a programmable robot that allows users to create custom programs and behaviors using coding. Whether you're a beginner learning the basics of programming or an advanced user exploring complex algorithms, the Edison robot offers a flexible and intuitive platform for coding and experimentation.  

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