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2021 MakeX Starter Smart Links Add-on Pack
$350.90 AUD
2021 MakeX Starter Smart Links Kit
$449.90 AUD


Educational STEM products that offers tangible and unplugged coding activities.Ideally for foundation school and child care. You can teach and learn digital technology & ICT concepts like logical & criticle thinking, algorithm and problem solving.

Makey Makey Genuine kit
$65.99 AUD
Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit
$130.90 AUD
Codey  Rocky
$157.41 AUD


The primary school educational kits are consisting of coding and electronics. You can teacher and learn various coding concepts as well as circuits, conductivity and robotics. This products supports teaching computational thinking and digital system.

Digital Tech Kit for 6-8 grades
$2,247.42 AUD
Codey Rocky Neuron Education Kit
$262.90 AUD
Codey  Rocky
$157.41 AUD


The secondary school kits includes multiple programming languages. It supports Graphical (Scratch, MakeCode, Blockly) and Script (Arduino, Python, JavaScript) languages. Also, supports complex electronics sensors and circuit for developing Artificial Intelligent robot, smart plant and internet of technology (IoT) solutions.

Arduino Science Kit Physics Lab
$264.55 AUD
Digital Tech Kit for 9-10 grades
$1,928.30 AUD
Tello EDU starter pack
$304.51 AUD
Arduino Starter Kit
$152.90 AUD


Micro:bit (Aka microbit) starter pack class set of 12
$329.99 AUD
Grove Inventor Kit with Micro:bit school pack (12 sets)
$1,742.92 AUD
CoDrone Pro Classroom set 10 Packs
$3,058.99 AUD


Arduino Nano Every
$20.94 AUD
Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense
$70.63 AUD
Arduino Nano 33 IoT
$41.86 AUD
Arduino Nano Every with headers
$26.17 AUD


Micro:bit v2 starter kit (a.k.a Go)
$27.95 AUD
Grove Inventor Kit with Micro:bit
$148.50 AUD

     ROBOT KITS     

Codey  Rocky
$157.41 AUD