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Raspberry Pi 1, 2 and Zero kits

Raspberry Pi is credit card size single board computer that allows you to make various applications like your personal computer, cloud network, music coding, media center, Learn coding using Scratch, basic electronics and many more applications like weather station, home automation, robot, spy camera etc using easy to plug and soldering free GrovePi+ kit. 


  1. What is Raspberry Pi - here
  2. Quick setup guide - here
  3. NOOBs setup - here
  4. Physical computation - here
Raspberry Pi versions
Model Skill level  Released in Community resource Ideal application
 Raspberry Pi 2 Model B+   Beginners to expert  2015 Lots of resources Electronics, Robotics, Digital technologies, Media centre, Gaming arcade
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Intermediate to expert   2016 In progress Electronics, Robotics, Digital technologies, Media centre, Gaming arcade
Raspberry Pi Zero Application specific (Small and Compaq)  2015 Availability issues Application specific device.