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We are a group of engineers and educators who are passionate about technology and teaching. So we developed a range of workshops for educators and students. We believe knowing the capabilities and possibilities of any devices can unleash ideas and creativity in anyone. Most of time we have access to amazing tools at our fingertips, but not knowing capabilities limits us from using them. We also run custom workshop to meet your school, library or educator who wish to up skill themselves. 

In our workshops, we take you through a journey from how to use Digital Technology tools and explore range of activities for your classroom. Also, we will include the most common mistakes to avoid and projects that other schools/educators are using. All these workshops will include hands on activities . The brainstorming session in the workshop will unleash the inventor & maker in you.

You will experience; 

  • Learn - follow instruction to explore possibilities

  • Make - Make your own solution

  • Invent something new!

Workshop types

Workshop devices

These are the most popular tools that we already have workshops designed for beginners from K-12 grades. Also, most of these products offer an ecosystem for your school to utilize these tools for various programming language, complexity and skill levels of students. 

Why Pakronics

  • Excellent Technical Support 

  • Affordable Customised Solution at Your Doorstep

  • One Stop Shop for Your Digital Technology Supply

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Online courses

FREE Micro:bit course with curriculum mapped for Teachers

mBot assembly manual 

Arduino Grove Online course

Custom Educational Kit

Not sure what you need to start?

We have a range of the most popular educator packs, we can also offer custom kits for your needs. Stop over-spending and start buying what you really need. We also offer SCHOOL discount for bulk purchases. 

Random Happy Moments

Our Happy Educators

Affordable, Custom Solution at Your doorsteps!

They are not just a distributor, they actually know their stuff! Pakronics sell their product with product knowledge. Custom solution from Pakronics means value for Money. Education kits - ones that you actually need for your students. So no wasted money or equipment collecting dust.

Carlin Grieve

Epping Secondary College

Personal STEM Concierge

Purchasing from Pakronics is just the beginning of their association to help you learn technology. They offer complete technical support, should you need it while working with the educational kits. It's sort of like having a personal STEM concierge

PAM wright

Assistant Principal at Thomastown West Primary

Professional support 

Pakronics has a wide range of exciting educational kits appropriate for all levels. I have found the staff to be friendly, supportive, and generous with their time to assist in any way possible. They are quick to respond, which makes working with them a pleasure. It has been very reassuring to have access to experts while planning engaging 21st century lessons for my students.

Sarah Murphy

Bell Bridge Primary School

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