What do you want your drone to do? Engage in laser battles? Bowl a strike? With CoDrone, the only limit is your imagination.The CoDrone is an quadcopter that you can easily program using our friendly, step-by-step videos. Whether you are brand new to drones and coding or you're a longtime drone lover, you will have a blast with the CoDrone.


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  • Light weight and duarable

  • Flight time 8 mintues

  • Bluetooth 4*

  • IR, Barometer, Gyroscope in built.

Software IDE

  • Control from smart phone or controller*

  • CoDrone Pro is programmable from Chromebook, Windows and MAC Operating system.

  • CoDrone Pro Codeable with Graphical and Arduino

* Bluetooth connection with compatible smart phone & app may need to be installed.

CoDrone Kits


Online Lesson Plans

CoDrone lesson plans

Snap Coding (graphical) Software


If you have a Chromebook then follow the link to download tool


For the Windows user, please follow the link to download compatible software on your PC 


For the MAC user, please follow the link to install the software and development environment. 


Building Remote

You can go through instructions to build and use your remote for the CoDrone Pro


The text based programming  Arduino. Before you dive into the Arduino programming, you will need to install the software environment on your computer. 

Support Forum

CoDrone Community is a community of CoDrone across world. If you have any questions or have any issue flying then feel free to search or ask in community.

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