CoDrone - A Programmable Drone for schools

A programmable drone in schools fosters interactive learning. It engages students in coding, robotics, and STEM fields. Through hands-on experiences, it promotes problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Drones offer practical applications, from environmental studies to aerial photography. This technology prepares students for future careers in emerging industries. Additionally, it cultivates teamwork and collaboration skills. Overall, programmable drones enhance education by combining technology with xperiential learning, equipping students with valuable skills for the modern world.

CoDrone is an educational drone kit created by Robolink, aiming to teach programming and robotics concepts. It comprises a quadcopter equipped with various sensors and a microcontroller. Users can program CoDrone using block-based coding or Python, providing a practical, hands-on learning experience in both coding and drone technology. The kit offers a range of activities, from basic flight maneuvers to more complex tasks like autonomous navigation and obstacle avoidance. It's designed for learners of all ages, making it a versatile tool for schools, hobbyists, and anyone interested in gaining skills in coding, robotics, and drone technology.

Which CoDrone to buy?

The CoDrone EDU represents a significant advancement overits predecessor, the CoDrone Pro, released in 2016. With enhanced features andcapabilities, it stands as the recommended successor to the CoDrone Pro. For acomprehensive comparison with our other drones, we invite you to explore ourblog, where we provide a detailed breakdown of the CoDrone EDU's strengths andadvantages. Discover how this latest model excels in delivering an enrichededucational drone experience.

CoDrone EDU

Introducing the CoDrone EDU: Your Ultimate ClassroomLearning Companion

Unlock the world of coding with the CoDrone EDU, a versatileprogrammable drone designed specifically for educational environments. Whetheryou're diving into Python programming or starting with intuitive block-basedcoding, this drone empowers learners of all levels.

What sets the CoDrone EDU apart are its cutting-edgefeatures, including color sensors, a front range sensor, and a bottom rangesensor—each seamlessly integrated into your code. This opens up a realm ofcreative possibilities and hands-on learning experiences.

Crafted with a robust and safety-conscious frame,programmable lights, and access to seven essential sensors, the CoDrone EDU isnot just a drone; it's a powerful educational tool. Elevate your coding andengineering skills with this exceptional learning companion.

* Bluetooth connection with compatible smart phone & app may need to be installed.

Technical specification of CoDrone EDU

3.7V 530mAh | 15C battery

8-min flight time
60-minute charge time

2 oz | 57 g

CoDrone EDU Course 

CoDrone Mini

Meet the CoDrone Mini, a compact drone designed as theperfect stepping stone into the world of coding. Begin with the basics usingblock-based coding with Blockly, and progress to more advanced Python topics.Delve into concepts like plotting sensor data, and gain insights into the innerworkings of a gyroscope and accelerometer.

Technical specification of CoDrone MINI

4-minute battery life

45-minute charge time

0.8 oz / 24g

CoDrone MINI Course

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Portable Drone Cage with size 300cm(W) *300cm(D)*240cm(H)
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Education Drone Obstacle Course
$619.00 AUD inc.GST

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