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Small but powerful computer for learning coding, electronics and robotics

The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket sized codeable computer for schools. It is jam packed with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display and Bluetooth. Why good for Education: Every child can have their own! If you are running a coding club or want to use in a classroom or simply want to learn or teach coding & electronics? This is one of the best entry level board we have seen so far!

The BBC microbit support multiple programming languages like Graphical programming (Microsoft Makecode), JavaScript and Python. The Make code platform also includes board simulator making this platform ideal for distance learning as well in classroom STEM product in school.



  • Cost effective under $50

  • Jam packed with features

  • Control from Bluetooth* smart phone

  • Easy to use with Crocodile clips and conductive thread  or Grove Shield

Software IDE

  • Program from an Internet (Too good to be true) - No more driver issue. Setup in no time.

  • Try Online simulator (Good to use without the hardware)

  • Code with Graphical, JavaScript and Python - Even you can program from Raspberry Pi using Python.

  • One of the best entry level coding tool

* Bluetooth connection with compatible smart phone & app may need to be installed.


There are many extension accessories that you can connect to Microbit either by wiring or shield connector. You can expand capability of Micro:bit either using Grove sensors or various robot shield to make Micro:bit car/robot and then remote control using second Microbit. Explore our collection to find microbit parts, accessories and STEM kits in Australia. 

Get best value on Microbit classroom bundle and starter kit. Pakronics is an official Microbit distributor and stockiest in Australia. Most popular Microbit starter kit include Robot, Grove inventor kit and Microbit game console. Have a look at our classroom pack bundles and STEM kits for your school.

Starter kits

Bundle n Save


Australian curriculum mapped courses for Digital Technology with BBC Micro:bit

If you are teacher/school starting with Digital technology curriculum implementation and looking for supportive microbit activities and projects with digital technology curriculum then do check out our online courses. 

Get Yourself into Coding

Blocks (Graphical)

Micro:bit's new editor makes it easy to program your micro:bit in Blocks along with great new features like peer-to-peer radio. Powered by MakeCode.


The JavaScript editor makes it easy to program your micro:bit in Blocks and JavaScript.Powered by MakeCode.

Python editor is perfect for those who want to push their coding skills further. A selection of snippets and a range of pre-made images and music give you a helping hand with your code. Powered by the global Python Community.


Microbit classroom is an online platform to support you teaching and running your virtual classroom. 

It can also be used in face to face teaching as it can play an important part for sharing code and monitoring individual student's activities.


MakeCode 2020 Top 10 Features

Microbit classroom

Grove inventor kit


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