Our return policy is quick and easy. Please confirm and check your complete order within 7 days after receiving it. We have an extended period of 14 days during the Christmas Holiday every year.  Please feel free to contact us for any info. 


Defective Products

Subject to you returning the relevant product to us (at your cost), and only where required by law (including under the Australian Consumer Law, if applicable), we will honour any obligation of ours to:

  • replace or repair a product sold to you; or

  • provide a refund of the purchase price. 

It may take several weeks for us to assess and (if applicable) repair the product, or arrange for a supplier to do so.

If you return a product on the basis that it is faulty, but we reasonably determine that it is not faulty, then you must pay a testing fee of $25 per product tested, and we are not obliged to return the product to you unless you pay a further delivery fee.

Mistake, change of mind etc

We are under no obligation to accept a return of any products, or provide a refund, where:

  • you wish to return a product due to you having made a mistake when placing your order, changed your mind or found the same or similar goods elsewhere at a lower price; or

  • the product has been subject to misuse, static discharge, neglect, accident, modification or has been soldered or altered in any way.

We may, in our discretion, voluntarily agree to accept a return of a product but any such return will be subject to:

  • you returning the product to us (at your cost), together with the relevant invoice number and return authorisation;

  • you paying any handling cost or restocking fee that we notify to you;

  • the returned product being is in “as new” condition, in original packaging with all the documentation and factory accessories ordinarily included with the product; and

  • the product not having become superseded (e.g. where a new version or release is available).

Returns process

Before returning any product to us (where permitted as described above), we recommend that you first contact us to explain the problem and obtain a return authorisation.  Doing so will help us to process your return more quickly.  You must also ensure that you make a copy of any data stored on any product that you return – we are not responsible for preserving any such data.


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