Do It Yourself 

Robot system for everyone

   How It's Made   

~ Select, Connect & Program ~

300+ mechanical parts for building thousands of inventions. Whether you need a motor, steering gear, tools and fasteners, or structural parts, the DIY platform has it all. Going from idea to invention has never been this easy.

100+ electronic modules for advanced creativity

The combination of programmable main boards, a variety of sensors, motor drive modules, display and communication modules, RJ25 cables, and numerous mechanical blocks means that you can quickly build inventions of your own design.

Connect and secure your structure with screw, nut and joints.

   Why MakeBlock Robot System?   

~ Modular system ~

Programming Language

Learn/ Teach Graphical (Scratch based) or Arduino programming language.

No Soldering or Complex wiring

Each electronics block is colour coded and 

Reusable and Durable

The strong and standardised screw nut hardware parts makes it easy to reuse or connect to any mechanical parts.

Suitable for a Beginner to an Expert

The range of based boards, electronics and mechanical parts offers solution for all your need. You do not need to buy NEW ROBOTS when you complete one. Simply expand with powerful electronics.


  Most Popular Starter Robot Kits  

  Most Popular Starter Robot Kits  

~ Learn Electronics, Coding and Robotics ~

   Mechanical Parts  

~ Durable Parts ~

   Electronics Modules   

~ Plug n Play ~

 Extension Kits   

~ Expand the Possibilities ~

Online Course 

~ Do It Yourself courses ~


~ Compatible iOS, MAC, Windows and Smartphone ~

mBlock 5 (PC)

A block-based and text-based programming software.mBlock 5, based on Scratch 3.0, is designed for STEM education. You can write programs for Makeblock robots and other hardware. By combining the functionalities of AI and IoT, mBlock 5 makes code learning simple and fun.

mBlock Blockly 


game based programming STEAM education software.The mBlock app is a game-based programming software for STEAM education. Without any prior knowledge, users can start programming robots by playing through games, and can then personalize their mBots with newly-learnt programming skills.

Makeblock (APP)

App for controlling Makeblock robots with your mobile device.A mobile app for controlling Makeblock robots. Users can immediately get started with the built-in controller, and drag the controls to create a custom multi-function console, or even program their robot to create more advanced functionality.

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