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Pakronics® is supporting "do your :bit"

 An online yearly global challenge for young Australian innovators to represent Australia.

What is do your :bit challenge?

do your bit is a global Micro bit challenge for 8 - 18 years old innovators. Test your imagination and combine creativity and technology to come up with solutions for the global goals by tackling the issues we’re facing today. 

It is a great Microbit activity or project that you can incorporate in your classroom. It can be curriculum mapped to digital technology, coding, electronics or STEAM classroom. 

Select one of the UN sustainable development goals in 2022 to participate in the do your bit challenge 


How it works?

1.Select your challenge

Based on age there are few options in 2022 DYB challenge;

1. Idea only - 8 to 14 year olds 

2. Design and code - 8 to 14 year olds

3. Design and code - 15-18 years olds

You can take one challenges from UN global goals. 

You can submit your project in a group up to 3 people or alone. 

2. Research & Plan

You will need to research on a problem that affects you or your community then develop a solution.  If you like you can also decide on solving problem of some other community in the world. 

3.Submit your solution

Share your solution but also your reasoning why you selected that problem and how you planned it to solve the given global goals?

Choose your challenge 

In 2022, you can select any goal from UN Global Goals of sustainable development. 

1. Health and Well-being (UN Goal 3)

Submit your solution by

By Friday 15 July 2022

The do your bit challenge is to find a community problem that relates to health and well-being issue (UN goal no. 3)  like getting clean water or safe guard from disease. 

2. Climate Action (UN Goal 13)

Submit your solution by

By Friday 15 July 2022

The second, do your bit challenge is to find a climate action issue faced in your community or any community in the world. You will need to propose a plan and solution to tackle that issue.  You can do either one or both of the challenge.

2. Climate Action (UN Goal 13)

Submit your solution by

By Friday 15 July 2022

Or, you can decide any other global goal that you love to solve in your community or any community in the world. Depending on your age categories you either develop idea, design and code. 

Register your school

You don't need to register all your team until you finish team project(s). The subscription here is for school teacher to get support and access to FREE resources to get started with do your bit challenge.


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What you need?
  • Software- Makecode

  • Passion to solve global cause

Create your solution with 

  • Creative 

  • Innovative &

  • Environment Friendly

Global Goals guides

Micro bit projects

Calmin LEDs

Step counter

Light-up fishing nets

Send a smile

Being active

Health tech

Sensory classroom

Helping plants grow

How to implement in classroom?

do your bit in your classroom

do your bit classroom implementation

do your bit 

lesson planning

do your bit 

classroom projects

Ideal kits for do your :bit

Here are top do your bit kits to get you started!

Includes climate action online course. 

Includes sustainable development goals and resources to create your own zero emission community.

Micro bit v2 with environment sensing sensors to create your solution.

What you get?

  • Win prizes

  • Represent Australia

  • Design your own solution

  • Certificate of participation

  • Curriculum mapping support

2021 Do your Bit Micro bit Challenge

Student's award

School's award

You can win


Top school with highest number of student participates will receive a ZEP Island kit and online teacher's PD training (2 hours).


Receive a climate action kit with Microbit v2 to make your invention prototype

Plus Micro bit international award

  • Excellent Award


Do I have to buy or pay any fees to compete/participate in do your bit challenge?

No do not need to pay any fees for the challenge. Depending on your solution you may need Microbit and other accessories. 

I am a teacher, I want to implement this in school but not sure where to start?
That is great to hear, if you can first decide where you want to implement this challenge in your school program. It can be digital technology, coding, after school or Makerspace activity. We will be running few webinars so please join us live to discuss.

I am parent and I want my child to solve the challenge but I may not able to support him with technical side.

Glad you are interested to register your child. That is completely ok, we will be adding online resources and heaps of resources already available. You can feel free to reach us when you need help.

Can I have multiple entrees as I have more than one idea.

Yes, you can have as many as possible ideas and project you wish to submit. 

Can I use any hardware ?

You can use any hardware along with Micro:bit as the solution on Makecode will be judge. 

Which programming language I need to use?

You can use Graphical, Javascript and Python as long as they are programmed using Makecode software.

For any other question feel free to reach us at

You can use Graphical, Javascript, Python or Arduino language as long as they are programmed using mBlock 5 software.






Get your school register by deciding to enter in the challenge.


  • St John's Primary School, VIC

  • St Monica's College, VIC

  • Montello Primary School, TAS



Get your school register by deciding to enter in the challenge.


  • Montello Primary School, TAS

  • Alkira Secondary School, VIC

  • Courtenay Gardens Primary School, VIC

  • Vincentia Public School, NSW

  • Vincentia Primary School, NSW

  • Vale Park Primary School, SA

  • Rose Park Primary School, SA

  • Sunshine Coast Grammar School, QLD

  • Rossmoyne Senior High School, WA

  • St Peters Inglewood Primary School, WA

  • Mount Gravatt East State School, QLD

  • Brentwood Secondary College, VIC

  • St Michaels Collegiate School, TAS




Get your school register by deciding to enter in the challenge.