Unique and Cool STEAM Technology toy gifts in Australia for kids and enthusiast of all ages. Learn coding, robotics or making your own driverless car!

We got you covered with range of options in different categories like age, hobby, robotics, gaming and many more. Choose the right tech toy for your little one to suit his age and interest and see him develop his learning and innovation skills.

All products are genuine, premium quality and hassle free returns in Australia.  

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6 cool Tech GIFTS 2021

Make the technical buff in your life super happy with our quirky tech gifts for kids, teenagers and adults. Cool, engaging and out of the box, our elaborate range is perfect for tech enthusiasts, novices and experts! 

Our exclusive tech gifts include learning coding, electronics and robotic for kids, open ended inquisit projects like smart automation, voice assistance, gaming console, image recognition for teen or hobbiest of all ages.   

Our team of tech experts has put together a wonderful range of unique and educational tech gifts like 8bitCADE XL - DIY game console, DJI Robomaster Tello Talent, Climate action kit with Microbit and many more to give you hours of fun! We have different categories to suit varied age groups and preferences. We lay special emphasis on children's range, as we love inspiring and encouraging out of box ideas in young minds. 

We can help you with customised gifts to enrich your special occasions. Remember, you can never go wrong with tech-gifts. And, we have you covered! A ‘win-win’ all the way! 

Arduino EDU Explore IoT kit with rechargable battery (12 Pack)
$2,585.48 AUD inc.GST

Arduino EDU Explore IoT kit with rechargable battery
$215.46 AUD inc.GST

1 review
$130.89 AUD inc.GST

Sphero Indi At-Home Learning Kit
$179.99 AUD inc.GST

Buy DJI RoboMaster Tello Talent
$384.60 AUD inc.GST

Arduino sensor kit with Arduino Uno Rev 3
1 review
$78.74 AUD inc.GST

Tech gifts & TOYS

by age

Age is just a number! But, when it comes to tech gifts, age is just not a number, but a way to explore an exciting array of gadgets and have fun at every stage of life! Our unique and exciting range of tech gifts and toys like Edison robot, Makey Makey , Microbit Go v2, GameGo, CoDrone Pro , Arduino Explore IoT kit etc are perfect for different age groups. Kids, adults or super senior adults, we have something for everyone! 

For children, we have perfectly combined functionality, technology and fun in our range of tech toys and gifts. We have successfully transformed toys into a power house of inspiration, thereby encouraging out of box thinking and cool ideas. Our tech toys offer a combination of technology, coding and robotics. 

For adults, we have cool gadgets and games to deliver hours of fun, and make life more exciting! From building game console to a personal wine pouring robot, we have a whole range of products to choose from! 

Senior adults will love our tech gifts that combine functionality and convenience! Our exclusive collection can help them with learning new technologies and having fun with their grand kids. 

Tech gifts  for AGe 4+

Buy Edison V2.0
15 reviews
$64.90 AUD inc.GST

Buy Makey Makey
12 reviews
$65.99 AUD inc.GST

Coding Set PRO- Coding like ABC by Matatalab
3 reviews
$350.96 AUD inc.GST

Coding Set - Coding like ABC by matatalab
1 review
$241.30 AUD inc.GST

Tech gifts for age 11+

Buy makeblock mbot
49 reviews
$138.28 AUD inc.GST

BBC Microbit v2.2 starter kit (a.k.a Go kit)
11 reviews
$32.85 AUD inc.GST

Buy mBot(Blue) Bluetooth with Battery
7 reviews
$152.04 AUD inc.GST

Merge VR Mobile AR/VR Headset & Holographic Cube Bundle (Grey)
2 reviews
$112.76 AUD inc.GST

tech gifts  for 14+

Buy mBot Ranger
17 reviews
$314.28 AUD inc.GST

Buy Grove Inventor Kit With Microbit
28 reviews
$114.82 AUD inc.GST

Merge Holographic Cube - Buy - Pakronics®- STEM Educational kit supplier Australia- coding - robotics
12 reviews
$30.75 AUD inc.GST

Buy Ultimate 2.0 10-in-1 Robot Kit
9 reviews
$669.43 AUD inc.GST

Tech gifts for age 16+

Arduino Starter Kit
32 reviews
$147.58 AUD inc.GST

DJI Tello EDU starter pack
4 reviews
$304.51 AUD inc.GST

Buy Arduino Explore Iot kit
2 reviews
$201.43 AUD inc.GST

Wio Terminal: ATSAMD51 Core with Realtek RTL8720DN BLE 5.0 & Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G Dev Board - Buy - Pakronics®- STEM Educational kit supplier Australia- coding - robotics
3 reviews
$67.98 AUD inc.GST

Tech toy gifts 

by hobby

Technology is so cool, and naturally having a related hobby is going to give you hours of fun! Our tech gifts for hobbies, come under 6 broad categories, namely robotics, game consoles, wearable gadgets like smart watches, programmable drones, innovative tech gifts that pique out of the box ideas and electronics. While innovative tech gifts like Osmo Genius Kit or Sphero Indi Kit are perfect for younger kids, our programmable drones like Codrone Mini, CoDrone Pro and robotics like Sphero Bolt, mBot Ranger are perfect for the 10+ age group. They are programmable, codeable and expandable. How cool is that? 

Our interactive game consoles like Meowbit or Nibble are perfect for hours of family fun, and our range of expandable robotics and electronics like Arduino sensor kit Uno, Grove inventor kit with microbit are all set to make you a tech buff.  

Build, tinker and create something great, having adventures along the way. 

We have carefully curated an innovative range of products to inspire, enrich and empower! An ideal gift choice for the gadget loving person in your life. 


gaming console

Buy Pygamer
1 review
$70.31 AUD inc.GST

Tetris MicroCard game console
4 reviews
$98.01 AUD inc.GST

Kittenbot Meowbit - Card-sized Graphical Retro Game Computer -w/battery
3 reviews
$69.15 AUD inc.GST

Buy Nibble An Educational DIY Game Console
$121.66 AUD inc.GST