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Gift an educational toy for FUTURE

Why not to gift an educational tool (toy) that not is fun to play but also develops critical and logical thinking for the kids. We are surrounded by technology and young once loves playing with smart phone or tablet. These cool toys are jam packed with range of activity that family or kids can learn while playing. The Science Technology Engineering Art and Mathematics (STEAM) is most essential skill for any child. We have hand picked range of technologies that we recommend to buy this Christmas. There are ample of example and how to guide that you can follow online to create various projects.  At Pakronics, we offer genuine open source products that are not only good in quality but also non proprietary software/hardware so you can learn, share and innovate future.

Gift idea by age

Our unique educational gift are available from six year old to infinity. These kits/toys are suitable for kids, adult and grandparents. Why not to have all fun and also learn technology, coding and robotics. These toys helps to develop critical and logical thinking. These categories includes Drone, Arduino (mini-computer), mBot robot, Makey Makey, Grove Microbit and many more educational kits. Most of these kits are now a days used in school, university and home schooling. 

Gift idea by categories

Learn, Make and Invent the Future. From fruit keyboard, autonomous robot, electric pain, wireless game control, programmable Drone and so on.. 

Trending this holiday


You must have read recently that robots are taking over humans! Why not to teach your kids how to code and control robot this Christmas?

As our mobile technology changed in last 5 years, the educational robot have developed to a point where anyone (Kids or Adult) can program and operate in no time. These are most popular robots that can program to act on your command or autonomously drive or nervous two wheel drive or your personal bartender.

Programmable Drone

The educational Drone are popular with kid age over 12 years. These drones can be operated from mobile device or controller as well they can be programmed using graphical and scripting programming languages to fly autonomously. These drone are designed for indoor usage. 

DIY gaming Console

Do It Yourself Gaming Console are most popular with adult and Maker. Why not to solder or assemble your own gaming console. If you are programmer or enthusiast, you can also design your own games. Why not to have this pocket console to play and show off to your Geek friends.

Innovative Tech

Plug and create modular electronics, touch sensitive fruit keyboard, Interactive greeting cards and many more geek gadgets that you can make with your kids, parents and grandparent. All in one family Christmas gift that you never had!

Electronics & Coding

Teach electronics, coding and much more with these fantastic educational kits. It offers range of programming languages like Graphical, Arduino, Java Script and Python. Each kit have unique feature and application, click on the product to learn more about them. 


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