CircuitMess Batmobile™ Inventor's pack add-on

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Learn electronics and programming the super hero way! Meet the AI Powered Batmobile.

This is smart robot car that drives around autonomously.

A STEM kit that will teach you about machine learning while exploring the world of electronics.Circuitness Batmobile comes disassembled, you need to build it yourself just like Batman. Once you have assembled it, you can connect it to your computer and code it.

The kit includes:
Inventor's module pack (1)
Batmobile™ + Controller kit (1)

You'll get all the components and tools necessary for building your CircuitMess Batmobile™. This perk includes an extra pack of snap-on magnetic modules that will allow you to tinker and expand Batmobile™'s functionalities. Ages 9+. No prior knowledge is needed.

Inventor's Pack Modules:

  1. Gyroscope & accelerometer module - this will add an extra sense to your controller. You will be able to use motion to control the Batmobile and other controller's functions.
  2. Temperature & humidity sensor module
  3. Air pressure sensor module
  4. Flashlight module - it has four high-brightness LEDs
  5. Extender module - this one allows you to connect more modules at the same time
  6. RGB LED grid module - display pretty lights with this one
  7. Extender cable

    All modules magnetically snap onto the Batmobile's controller and allow you to add new functions to the device.

    CircuitMess Batmobile Features:

    • It has a camera
    • Dual Core Processor
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Four metal gearmotors
    • 2W speakers
    • Wifi
    • Lots of LEDs

    What you can do with it:

    • Drives around with its four electromotors
    • Navigates through space autonomously thanks to it's built-in camera and CPU
    • Recognizes and tracks objects
    • Plays cool sounds
    • Lights Up
    • Connects wirelessly to the included controller
    • Transmits live video to your controller
    • Teaches you about microcontrollers, electronics and programming
    • Connects to your computer and and can be programmed in C++ or Circuitblocks

    What you will learn:

    • How autonomous vehicles work and what computer vision is
    • How to code a microcontroller
    • How to calibrate batmobile's camera
    • How electromotors work
    • How to code your own computer vision program

    Circuitmess Batmobile kit comes with a controller - a remote control gadget with a CPU, LCD display, buttons and wifi. The controller has a display allowing you to see what the batmobile sees.

    You can code batmobile in circuitblocks, arduino and python.
    Also check out Circuitmess Batmobile Ultimate Pack with extra components and tools.


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