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Compatible board for Arduino©

 Arduino© is the best and most popular OSHW physical computing platform based on a microcontroller board and a development environment (IDE) for coding the board. We have a great range of genuine Arduino© boards and compatible shields/boards for your next Arduino© project.

 You will find all the official Arduino© boards as well compatible Arduino boards from the genuine supplier supporting OSHW. All the boards include Australian consumer warranty for manufacturing faults. 

The most favourite compatible board is Seeeduino and Adafruit Metro, Flora (Wearable textile electronics) and Feather family

 Arduino & reliable compatible boards are suitable for various applications and features.

 Board or family Ideal Application Features
Uno Learning coding and electronics Resources and community support
MRK / Feather Quick prototyping (Personal or Industrial use) A rich ecosystem of communication and functional shield
Adafruit Circuit Playground/ Flora Wearable or e-textile Small and onboard sensors
Nano Small footprint Fewer ios and power efficient
Compatible Arduino boards Compatible reliable OSHW platform



Seeeduino Stalker v3 - Buy - Pakronics®- STEM Educational kit supplier Australia- coding - robotics

Seeeduino Stalker v3

From $35.62 AUD $75.93 AUD in.GST