2020 MakeX Spark competition

Pakronics® is coordinating MakeX global online competition for young Australian innovators to represent Australia.

What is MakeX Spark online competition?

MakeX spark online is a creative design competition for young inventors, aged between 6 to 13. The participating team (student with a mentor) will need to accept one or both challenge(s) and devise a solution using problem solving techniques from the industry. The solution will be a demonstration project and a poster with topics including research, design-thinking process, project design, construction scheme, and outcome summary.


How it works?

1.Select your challenge

Decide which challenge you are taking. You can take one or both challenge. 

Find a mentor, it can be your parents, teacher or family. Who can help you with your solution and motivate you through the journey. 

2. Plan and build your solution

Do not mistake this as a solution but think of as a project you want to sell. You will need to start with research on your topic, prototype solution, iterate your solution and do testing before your final product.

3.Submit your poster

To complete your participation you will need to prepare a poster to summarise your project with problem, feature and solution. You can draw a poster on paper or make on the computer. You can add video of your project to get a competitive advantage. 

Choose your challenge

1. Smart lights

Winner announced

One of the Australian team won international 

The challenge is to create a smart and eco-friendly lighting solution . You may draw inspiration from your surrounding and choose to either improve an existing solution or create a completely new solution that can be the next big thing!

2. Housework helper

Submit your solution by

By 17th Dec 2020

Can you invent a next-gen device for the household - anything from automating routine work to monitoring elderly person in the house or even helping a physically challenged person. 

Register your interest for 2021 MakeX competition

Mentor Name
School Name


Only Mentor needs to register to start receiving competition resources

What you need?
  • Hardware

  • Software-mBlock 5

  • Mentor

Hardware compatible with mBlock 5

You can use any hardware that is programmed though mBlock 5. You can use any programming language supported in mBlock5. 

Ideal for coding from tablet & graphical coding

Ideal for coding from PC/Laptop & graphical or Python coding

  • mBot

Ideal for coding from Table/PC/Laptop & graphical or Arduino coding

Ideal for coding from PC/Laptop & graphical or Python coding

Ideal for coding from PC/Laptop & graphical or Javascript coding

Ideal for coding from PC/Laptop & graphical or Arduino coding

Create your solution

  • Smart

  • Energy efficient

  • Environment Friendly

Inspirational videos

For participants

Design thinking process

Smart productivity tool

Smart house lights

Serving robot

Smart street lights

What you get?

  • Win prizes

  • Coaching support

  • Represent Australia

  • Design your own solution

  • Certificate of participation by MakeX international

You can win


One school with highest number of innovation submitted in Australia.


A Mentor who have inspired young inventor of Australia.


Best innovative project of the Australia. 

Many International awards

  • Young all rounder 

  • Young Engineer

  • Young Designer

  • Best creativity

  • Excellent mentor

Judging criteria for international competition

Smart lights

Submit your solution by


Housework helper

Submit your solution by


Submit your 2020 MakeX projects

Publish MakeX project

Submit your poster


Do I have to buy or pay any fees to compete?

No need to buy if you have hardware that works with mBlock 5. No fee for this competition.

I am from school and want to mentor few students.

Sure, there is not limit on mentoring so you can run this competition as an online class challenge. You can mentor all your students.

I am parent and I want my child to compete but I may not able to support him with technical side.

Glad you are interested to register your child. That is completely ok, we will be adding online resources and coaching for students like him/her.

I am happy to mentor but I dont have student who can participate. 

That is amazing , we can take your expertise on board. Please shoot an email at inquiry@pakronics.com.au with Mentor as subject.

Can I have multiple entrees as I have more than one idea.

No, you can have only one project per challenge. 

Can I use any hardware ?

You can use any hardware as long as it works with mBlock 5 software.

Which programming language I need to use?

You can use Graphical, Javascript, Python or Arduino language as long as they are programmed using mBlock 5 software.

For any other question feel free to reach us at inquiry@pakronics.com.au

You can use Graphical, Javascript, Python or Arduino language as long as they are programmed using mBlock 5 software.