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The BBC Micro:bit is a pocket sized codeable computer for schools. It is jam packed with motion detection, a built-in compass, LED display and Bluetooth. Why good for Education: Every child can have their own! If you are running a coding club or want to use in a classroom or simply want to learn or teach coding & electronics? This is one of the best entry level board we have seen so far!

Hardware wise

  1. Cost effective,
  2. Jam packed with features,
  3. Easy to use with Crocodile clips and conductive thread 

Software wise

  1. Program from a browser (Too good to be true) - No more driver issue. Setup in no time.
  2. Try Online simulator (Good to use without the hardware)
  3. Control from compatible Bluetooth smart phone
  4. Compatible with Graphical and Python coding - Even you can program from Raspberry Pi using Python.
  5. One of the best entry level coding tool.

Don't Believe it could be easy to program? Try Graphical programming simulator online - Try graphical simulator online

 Press Button A or Button B To see variant messages. (only supported in web version)

Button A - displays " I Love Coding"
Button B displays - " You Did It"

Starter kit

  1. Micro:bit Go starter kit with all the essential parts to get you started - here
  2. Get started with pluggable and soldering free Grove inventor kit with Micro:bit - here.

School classroom set - Buy 12 and SAVE! 

  1. Microbit Go starter pack here.
  2. Class set for Grove here

 Must try accessories
  1. Pedestrian crossing - here
  2. Secure Your Micro:bit - here
  3. Play Simon Says - here