RPLiDAR C1 - DTOF LiDAR 360 Laser Range Scanner

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The RPLIDAR C1 is a new generation fusion-type DTOF (Direct Time of Flight) laser scanner from SLAMTEC. This advanced LIDAR system excels in high-definition detection of small and nearby objects, offering superior anti-interference and anti-adhesion capabilities. With a measurement radius of 12 meters, a sampling frequency of 5000 times per second, and 360-degree full-range laser scanning, the compact and agile design of the RPLIDAR C1 is ideally suited for applications such as robot positioning, mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance in a variety of environments.

Features of RPLIDAR C1 DTOF laser scanner

Features of RPLIDAR C1 DTOF laser scanner

HD High Definition and Cost-Effective

RPLIDAR C1 integrates the technical advantages accumulated by SLAMTEC in triangulation and DTOF ranging for many years, enabling C1 to meet the requirements of robot positioning, mapping, and navigation in terms of ranging accuracy, distance measurement, anti-interference, and anti-adhesion performance.

RPLIDAR C1 HD High Definition and Cost-Effective

Enhanced Perception but Not Limited to Flat Surfaces

With SLAMTEC's self-developed SL-DTOF ranging technology, RPLIDAR C1 not only provides position information data but also offers reflectivity data and 2.5D multidimensional information, providing you with more reference points.

RPLIDAR C1 Enhanced Perception but Not Limited to Flat Surfaces

12m Radius Range and Easy to Handle Various Object Ranging Challenges

RPLIDAR C1 has a measuring distance of up to a radius of 12 meters and a low blind range of only 0.05 meters. It easily accomplishes scanning and measuring objects at various distances and achieves obstacle avoidance.

RPLIDAR C1 12m Radius Range and Easy to Handle Various Object Ranging Challenges

Compact in Size and Easy to Integrate

RPLIDAR C1 not only delivers powerful performance but also features a compact and agile design. It is small and has low levels of noise and vibration, making it easy to integrate into various applications. Its compact size and versatility open up a wide range of possibilities and uses.

RPLIDAR C1 Compact in Size and Easy to Integrate

High Reliability and Compatibility with the SLAMTEC ecosystem

RPLIDAR C1 exhibits high compatibility with SLAMTEC's software and hardware interfaces, allowing seamless integration into the SLAMTEC ecosystem. It also offers a smooth transition when switching from existing SLAMTEC products.

RPLIDAR C1 High Reliability and Compatibility with the SLAMTEC ecosystem

Comprehensive SDK tutorial and Support ROS

SLAMTEC provides SDK development packages that can run on different platforms such as x86 Windows, x86 Linux, and arm Linux. It supports ROS and ROS2 operating systems, assisting customers in development and integration across various operating systems and architectures.

RPLIDAR C1 Comprehensive SDK tutorial and Support ROS

Class 1 Laser Safety Standard

RPLIDAR C1 adopts low-power infrared laser light as its light source and drives it by modulated pulse. It reaches Class 1 Laser Safety Standard which is safe to human eyes.

RPLIDAR C1 Class 1 Laser Safety Standard


  • Smaller size, better performance
  • 5KHz sampling speed
  • 12m measuring radius
  • IEC-60825 Class 1 laser safety standard
  • SDK development package supporting x86 Windows, x86 Linux, arm Linux, and other platforms.
  • Applications:

  • Home Robots
  • Hobbyist/Educational Application
  • Commercial Robot
  • Autonomous Vehicles in Low-Speed Parks
  • Parking Lot Space Monitoring
  • Obstacle detection and avoidance

  • Specification:

  • Distance Range: White object: 0.05-12 meters (under 70% reflection), Black object: 0.05-6 meters (under 10% reflection)
  • Sample Rate: 5KHz
  • Scanning Frequency: 8~12Hz, 10Hz@typical
  • Angular Resolution: 0.72°@typical
  • Scan Field Flatness: 0°~1.5°
  • Communication Interface: TTL UART
  • Communication Speed: 460800
  • Accuracy: ±30mm
  • Resolution: 15mm
  • Degree of Protection: IP54
  • Ambient Light Limit: 40000lux
  • Weight: 110g
  • Working Temperature Range: -10~40°C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20~60°C
  • Documents:


  • Datasheet
  • User Manual
  • Protocol

  • SDK and Firmware

  • RPLIDAR SDK Download
  • GitHub Repository
  • SDK User Manual

  • Application Note

    ROS Package, RPLIDAR SDK is required to use this package

  • ROS
  • ROS2

  • 3D Models

  • RPLIDAR C1 Dev Kit 3D STP
  • Product Includes:

  • RPLIDAR C1 x1
  • USB Adapter x1
  • Micro-USB Cable x1
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