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Adafruit Beagle Bone Black Starter Pack

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If you've heard about the Beagle Bone Black and you want to hit the ground running, this starter pack is for you. We've picked out everything you need to start out, with essential parts and accessories to save on a bundle.


  • The latest Element 14 Beagle Bone Black Rev C with 4GB Flash - fully assembled, tested and ready to rock - As of December 8th, we're including an Element 14 Beagle Bone with the starter pack.  The Element 14 Beagle Bone is exactly the same as the other Beagle Bone Black Rev C and is a good opportunity to support our friends at Element 14.
  • USB Mini-B cable
  • Adafruit Proto Cape Kit for Beagle Bone - Add some circuitry to your Beagle Bone with our lovely Proto Cape.
  • Adafruit Proto Plate for Beagle Bone - holds your 'Bone alongside a half-sized breadboard for perfect prototyping. Comes with standoffs, hardware and bumpers
  • Half-sized breadboard - place it onto the plastic plate, plenty of space for prototyping!
  • 5V / 2000mA UL-listed power adapter - the ideal power adapter for the Beagle Bone, with enough power to run the computer as well as additional components or USB add-ons
  • Breadboarding Wire Bundle - These flexible wires are great for plugging into breadboards and headers such as those on the Beagle Bone
  • Beagle Bone Sticker - This vinyl sticker is excellent quality, sticks to stuff and is weatherproof but won't damage whats underneath

For technical details, check the product pages of each item. We also suggest picking up a USB console/debug cable or FTDI friend if you don't have one.

Also check out our Beagle Bone tutorial!