mBot v1 - STEM educational robot


Cute little robot for Everyone!

Come and meet mBot, a friendly entry-level robot! mBot is easy to assembly and works as a remote control toy out of the box. It offers various functionality as well as has a programming option. You can either program in graphical (Build on Scratch 2.0) and Arduion programming.This kit does not require any type of soldering and it is designed for kids to play and learn coding, robotics and electronics.

The mBot has gained popularity as entry to intermediate level robotic kit for school. mBot is an easy-to-assemble educational robotic kit that helps students learn real-world applications in robotics. 

Teachers have been using mBot as an STEM educational kit for teaching electronics, programming and robotic concepts of varying complexity levels.mBot can be programmed using graphical (Scratch based) and coding (like Arduino). This offers students learning the basic concepts easily and then move to solve problems of higher complexity levels. 

We also have developed courses provides you an introduction to mBot hardware and other electronics components on-board and helps you assemble the mBot. Using the coding exercise, you can program your mBot to perform real-life robotic applications. 

mBot is ideally for

  • Students in YEAR 5 - 10

  • Beginner to programming/coding

  • Beginner to electronics, robotics

  • Anyone wanting to learn!


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  • Expandable Robot* eco-system of parts.

  • No soldering or complex wiring required

  • Control from Bluetooth* smart phone

  • Easy to assembly

Software IDE

  • Graphical programming 

  • Arduino programming

  • Supports iOS, Android*

  • Graphical to Arduino code conversion

*Electronics extensions are limited by number of Inputs and outputs on the mCore board.

*Bluetooth version of mBot v1.1 is required for wireless connection

*Bluetooth version of mBot v1.1 is required for mobile app control


You can find mbot repair pats, accessories and extension add-ons for your mBot (Makeblock) robot. Pakronics is an official distributor stockiest in Australia. You can save money on our school STEM bundle/kits. You can find complete collection of Makeblock our store.


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Learn coding and electronics online

mBot is a great STEM robot for teaching and learning coding and electronics. mBot is an one of the most popular STEM kit in school. It inclusive of electronics, robotics and sensor parts. It allows coding with Graphical (Scratch) and Arduino languages. For Australian, digital technology curriculum it suits well in primary as well as secondary school. 

For Educators

For DIYers (Do It Yourself)

Get Started with mBot

Assembly Manual

Step by step instruction to assemble your mBot. This course is FREE and also includes range of exercises to get you starter with mBlock

mBlock for PC

mBlock is a computer software to program and control your mBot robot. It support Graphical programming and Arduino coding environment.

mBlock for mobile

Bluetooth version of mBot supports iOs and Android mobile devices. To download suitable application on your device click below.


Which mBot version is right for me?
mBot bluetooth vs 2.4Ghz

How to download a program from mBlock to my mBot.

how to download code to mBot
I am not able to connect mBot to my mobile device.

Please make sure you have installed the correct app for mBot. Then make sure the Bluetooth module on the mBot is correctly installed. The Bluetooth module on the mBot shows activity status using Blue colour LED on top. If the Blue colour LED is blinking then the mBot is looking for the mobile device to be paired. If it is already paired with a mobile device then Blue LED will stay ON.

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