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Grove Starter Kit for LaunchPad

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Grove Starter Kit for LaunchPad

Grove Starter Kit for LaunchPad is a co-branded quick starter kit for Texas Instruments LaunchPad Development Kits. This kit carries one Grove Base BoosterPack and 10 carefully selected Groves modules. It enables users of the Texas Instruments Launchpad to rapidly prototype and hack together fun microcontroller-based projects. Grove Base BoosterPack is an expansion module that can plug on to the various LaunchPad development kits that TI offers. On the BoosterPack, there are 13 Grove connects, which feature a 4-pin standardized interface for enabling you to easily connect with Seeed’s huge offering of Grove modules!

Grove Starter Kit for LaunchPad makes it an enjoyable experience to dive into the world of electronics. The kit also includes 11 interesting examples that will guide you through on how to work with the TI LaunchPad, as well as 2 additional advanced demos that can inspire you for further project building.

This kit does not include TI LaunchPad Boards. You can find suitable LaunchPad boards here.

What's inside?

  1. Grove - Ultrasonic Ranger × 1
  2. Grove - Light Sensor × 1
  3. Grove - Buzzer × 1
  4. Grove - Temperature&Humidity Sensor Pro × 1
  5. Grove - 4-Digit Display × 1
  6. Grove - Relay × 1
  7. Grove - PIR Motion Sensor × 1
  8. Grove - Moisture Sensor × 1
  9. Grove-Sound Sensor × 1
  10. Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor × 1
  11. Grove Base BoosterPack × 1
  12. Guidebook × 1

11 Projects

  1. Getting Started – (Blinking LED)
  2. Playing Music – (Buzzer)
  3. Control the Electric – (Relays)
  4. Display– (4-Digital Display)
  5. Potentiometer – (Rotary Angle Sensor)
  6. Sensing the Light – (Light Sensor)
  7. Hearing – (Sound Sensor)
  8. Is anybody there– (PIR Sensor)
  9. Taking care of your plants– (Moisture Sensor)
  10. Sensing the Distance – (Ultrasonic Ranger Sensor)
  11. Feeling the Environments – (Temperature Humidity Sensor)

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