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TinyTiM LED board

$64.27 AUD Inc. GST

SKU SS114990180

TinyTiM is an 8x8 (64 nos) array of smart RGB pixels that can be controlled from a single microcontroller pin!
  • Super bright 24-bit individually addressable RGB color (not multiplexed)
  • Use any microcontroller to program (AlaMode, Arduino) or drive from USB from any computer with AllPixel (
  • Expandable -- make larger arrays by stacking multiple boards horizontally or vertically or even a 3D cube!
  • Control each board with 1 microcontroller pin (series mode, 64 RGB LEDs) OR
  • Control each board with 8 microcontroller pins (1 byte, Parallel mode, 8 rows of 8 RGB LEDs each)
  • Expand this configuration for larger matrices. A series matrix will still be controlled with 1 control signal, and a parallel matrix by 8 signals.
  • Very low profile - lets you make a thin matrix
  • Compatible with Neo Pixel Library
  • Drive up to 25 boards with 5V 400W power supply
  • 0.6” [15.24 mm] LED spacing - horizontal / vertical
  • Input voltage : 3V3 - 5V0
  • Max current 1.3 Amperes / board (measured at 100% duty cycle on R, G, and B at 5V)
  • RGB WS2812B smart pixel LEDs
  • Large format displays
  • Mood lighting
  • Holiday lighting
  • Super bright full color word clock
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1  TinyTiM LED board
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