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MICO Shield for Arduino

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SKU SS103990005

The MICO Shield makes it easy for you to create an Arduino project that interfaces with a cell phone. The Arduino &cell phone interface unlock a whole new world of possibilities: projects where your Arduino can place phone and receive phone calls. 
An example of aMICO project is where it receivesa phone call and presents the caller with a voice prompt: “press 1 for lights on”. MICO can then decode the caller’s button press and take action, in this case turn an output on. Of course everything is customizable: MICO has a microSD card slot so you can store your own voice and all MICO libraries and sketches are open source, free to download and hack.  
MICO interfaces to a cell phone’s 3.5mm audio jack. MICO has no build-in cell module or antenna. Because of that, MICO provide some key advantages: 
  • Universal:can work on ANY cell network over the world! GSM, CDMA, TDMA, analog…
  • Rich features:can utilize new features cell phones have. For example: on the iPhone, MICO can say commands to SIRI such as “post to twitter: temperature is 70degrees”. (of course, you could instead just use an old phonefor basic function) 
  • Simple:no need to learn complicated AT commands. Phone is controlled just with Answer/End Call Button and voice out of the microSD card.
  • Perfect for quick/temporary projects:no need to buy GSM card just to run a quick demo project. Just plug in your own/friend’s phone. No need to tear it open to grab the card, or hack its software.
There are tons of projects you can create with MICO, few examples:
Example of projects you could make with MICO:
  • Make MICO call to report temperature. On your own voice!
  • Use as a simple audio player
MICO is an acronym for Mobile Interactive Voice Response & COntrol. The word mico in Portuguese and Spanish means small monkey. It's pronounced "mee co".
Board overview:
  • DTMF decoding IC
  • DTMF encoding – play back recorded tone off microSD
  • Answer/End Call button (physical and Arduino controlled)
  • Play out sound to phone and to a headset
  • Works both newer AHJ (iPhone/Android) and older OMTP phone standards
  • Incoming audio amplified and read in by Arduino
  • Foot print of Arduino UNO and Leonardo
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