Makeblock mBot2 School Solution

Age 8+
Skill level - BeginnerSkill level - Intermediate
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Age 8+
Skill level - BeginnerSkill level - Intermediate
Visual-based ProgrammingText-based Programming
Programming Device - Computer

This Makeblock mBot2 School Solution kit includes: 16 x mBot2, 12 x Smart Cameras – Add-on, 8 x AI and IoT Creator Add-on, 8 x AI and IoT Scientist Add-on, and 4 x AI and IoT Education Toolkit Add-on Packs.The mBot2 is a next-generation educational robot designed with extended capabilities, starting as an entry-level solution and going all the way to upper high school and beyond. Educators can carry out very interactive and smart lessons for the class.mBot2 is powered by CyberPi, an educational microcontroller enhanced with network capabilities, built-in sensors and much more. mBot2 is designed to carry out interactive lessons that are reflecting real-world applications with cutting-edge technologies, including robotics, AI, IoT and Data Science. With CyberPi, students can connect multiple mBots to create a local network of robots that comunicate between themselves, share information, and perform tasks.When connected to the Internet, mBot2 can perform advanced features such as speech recognition, and get information such as weather updates at the destination.With mBlock’s enhanced coding learning experience, mBot 2 allows students and educators to begin with the block-based coding approach, and seamlessly transition into object-oriented coding with Python, all in the same environment. Teachers can remotely manage their activities in mBlock with Google Classroom.Key Features:

  • Powered by CyberPi a powerful and versatile microcontroller for education
  • Program with block-based coding and progress to text-based Python
  • Precision Control The encoder motors in mBot2 can be precisely controlled by their rotation, speed and position
  • Enhanced and durable mBot2 comes with the next-generation sensors and motors which are developed with education in mind
  • Ideal for robotics competitions
  • Built-in long-lasting battery
  • Extension electronic modules can be connected in series. There is no limit to the number of electronic extension modules supported.

The smart camera can learn and recognise brightly coloured objects as well as detecting bar codes and lines, which allows it to be used in various applications, such as garbage sorting, intelligent transportation, object tracking, and intelligent line following. Supported devices: mBot, mBot Ranger, CyberPi, Halocode.With the Creator Add-on Pack, students can learn Artificial Intelligence (AI), apply the technology to everyday life, and complete science projects by using commonly-used sensors and visual programming. The 13 modules are programmable in both block-based and Python languages. A wide range of coding blocks are available for students to create different projects.The AI & IoT Creator Pack comes with 13 electronic modules and 9 accessories packs, including Speaker, Motor, LED Strip, LED Matrix, Fan, Ranging Sensor, PIR Sensor, Dual RGB Sensor, Angle Sensor, Extend Block and a Rechargeable Lithium Battery.Features:

  • Offer over 10 different mBuild electronic modules, which can be applied in robot building and programming teaching
  • Programmable in block-based and Python languages, supporting AI education and application with mBlock
  • Include commonly-used electronic modules, accessories and tools used in example projects

The Scientist Add-on Pack is suitable for teaching robotics, programming and natural science. The pack contains 18 mBuild electronic modules including speakers and motors, that are programmable in both block-based and Python languages. The set also includes 8 packs of accessories, serving the needs of creative programming classes.The Scientist Add-on Pack includes 18 electronic modules and 7 accessory packs, including speaker, motor, servo, LED Strips, LED Ring, LED matrix, water pump, ranging sensor, slider, light sensor, soil moisture sensor, joystick, temperature sensor, MQ2 gas sensor, humiture sensor, flame sensor, magnetic sensor, extend module, and a rechargeable lithium battery.Features:

  • Offer over 10 different mBuild electronic modules, which can be applied in robot building and programming teaching
  • Programmable in block-based and Python languages, supporting AI education and application with mBlock
  • Include commonly-used electronic modules, accessories and tools used in example projects

The Toolkit Add-on Pack for mBot2 & CyberPi, includes a Smart Camera module (which works both, offline and online), and a complete series of 31 mBuild electronic modules, that are programmable in block-based and Python languages. Suitable for teaching AI, robotics and programming!Features:

  • Includes 31 mBuild electronic modules and comes with Smart Camera module that teachers can rely on to introduce AI into classrooms
  • Programmable in block-based and Python languages, supporting AI education and application with mBlock
  • Includes commonly-used electronic modules, accessories and tools used in example projects

Software OverviewStudents become confident coders while they transition from block-based to text-based coding at their own pace.mBlockA block-based programming language designed to help students understand the key conceptsof programming, by dragging and dropping code blocks.microPythonA seamless transition from block-based programming to microPython encouragesstudents to learn high-level object-oriented languages. With just one click students can see therelationship between block-based and text-based coding.Python 3Explore powerful text-based programming in AI, IoT and Data Science and become a true problem solver and independent thinker.

Click to view resource Block Coding Instruction Manual

Click to view resource Python Instruction Manual

Click to view resource Start Coding with Swift (Student Guide)

Click to view resource Teachers Guide to Swift Coding

Makeblock-mBot2 kits:

Makeblock – mBot2 AI and IoT Advanced Kit
Makeblock – mBot2 AI and IoT Starter Kit  

Makeblock-mBot2 Bundle:

Makeblock – mBot2 – Set of 12 
Makeblock – mBot2 – Set of 6 

Makeblock-mBot2 Accessories :

Makeblock – mBot2 
Makeblock – Wireless Dongle – Add-on for mBot mBot2 & CyberPi

mBot2 Replacement parts

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