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Xadow Wearable Kit For Intel® Edison

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The First Wearable Kit for Intel® Edison
The First Wearable Kit for Intel® Edison
What is it
What is it

Xadow Wearable Kit for Intel Edison is a perfect kit to make wearable devices with Intel Edison. It includes an expansion board together with eight tiny and powerful Xadow modules, covering sensors, actuators, displays and communication parts. The connectivity through FFC makes it quite flexible for wearable projects. Based on the kit, you could build your own pedometer, thermometer and NFC enabled devices!

What's inside?

Battery x 1

Digital RGB LED Flexi-Strips x 5

Power Cables (Red) x 5

Power Cables (White) x 5

Power Cables (Yellow) x 5

FFC Package x 1

Full-Color Printed Tutorial x 1

Project 1: Cool Light

What We’ve Get Here

In this project, we use an NFC module and a Q Touch one to control the RGB LED strip. There are 3 buttons of the Q Touch module. To make NFC module work, NFC tag must be wrote record message in. About how to write tags, please refer to Tips.

The Circuit

What We’ve Get Here


Put one of the NFC tags onto the antenna and you’ll see LED shine. There’re three modes – single color loop, flow color and rainbow cycles, reflecting to the three different tags, respectively. Besides, if touch one of the buttons on Q Touch Sensor, the LED strip will show a single color say red, green or blue.

Project 2: Glowing Thermometer

What We’ve Get Here

We utilize a barometer module here to monitor the temperature, air pressure and altitude. The index will be shown on the OLED. To start with, let’s set up a secure temperature between 20℃ and 30℃. When the temperature goes out of the secure range, the vibrator will shake and the OLED will display a warning picture. Now open the demo Glowing Thermometer compile and upload the sketch.

The Circuit

What We’ve Get Here


1. Default OLED Display

Default OLED Display

2.Here’s the high temperature warning display

Here’s the high temperature warning display
Project 3: Pedometer

What We’ve Get Here

This project shows how to DIY a pedometer that counts a person’s walking steps. Here we have the expansion board, the Xadow - OLED, the Xadow – 3-Axis Accelerometer and Xadow – Buzzer. The OLED screen will display the counts and the buzzer will beep if you do not move for a long time. Additionally, when connect the Intel Edison board to a Wi-Fi network, you can check the record online.


1. Shake Xadow-3-Axis Accelerometer, you will see the pedometer counts.


2. When the pedometer connects WiFi network, the local IP will display on the OLED screen:


3. On a device connected on the same network, open a web browser, and go to the IP address displayed on the OLED or Serial Monitor, you can see the step counts.


The 3D model of watch case is available at our wiki: You may print it out with a 3D printer. And here’s what it looks like.

3D model


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